Key Program Topics
A transformative learning journey that will drive professional results
Intro to the world of venture capital
Our program kicks off with an introduction to the world of venture capital. We'll review how venture capital industry has evolved during the last 60 years to the present day becoming one of essential parts of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Take a deep dive into the world of venture capital, its past and present; get perspective on its best practices from top investors; learn how they evaluate and structure deals and why it's important.
Explore venture landscape
On day two we go deeper into venture capital as it exists today and tackle some of the practical issues surrounding the industry.

After deconstructing market dynamics and key players we make a lateral move into the world of startups, identifying the key consumer and corporate entities.

We conclude by bringing the two worlds together as we explore the legal aspects of due diligence and deal structuring.

Get a more granular vision of ever changing venture landscape, its key players and how they differentiate themselves to get access to the best opportunities.
How venture investors add value and generate returns
How do VCs source and structure their investments? Where does their added value come from and how do they know when it's time to exit?

We tackle these questions head-on on day three, supplementing our learning with a startup showcase and an investment strategy workshop. These hands-on, interactive sessions will push you to put what you've learned into practice and bring you closer to understanding the mentality of the Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

Get a firm grasp of return potential for various investment strategies and practice to formulate your own.
• Enterprise startup showcase
• Visit to accelerator and startups
• Networking
What's next in venture capital
Disruptive innovation: a key Silicon Valley concept which leaves no stone unturned. Startup fundraising is far from immune, with the industry now changing in ways scarcely imaginable just a short while ago.

Day four is devoted to a discussion of the key transformative forces in venture capital such as the increasing use of technology by VCs to make and harvest investments. We also examine a number of other emerging trends threatening the status quo including a growing preference by startups to seek alternatives to the traditional sources of capital.

Become familiar with the key trends that drive transformation of venture industry and their implications.
• Enterprise startup showcase
• Investment strategy workshop
Offsite trip or pitching
Business or pleasure? In Silicon Valley it can be difficult to spot the difference.

Today the choice is yours. Join a tour to Napa or play the Shark Tank Game to apply your newly acquired skills.
Insightful session with leading VC educators
• Consumer startup showcase
• Visit to a premier venture firm
• Visit to corporate ventures
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